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The NFIP in Jeopardy Again

The NFIP in Jeopardy AgainThe NFIP's new Risk Rating 2.0 insurance modeling is set to begin tomorrow, October 1st. There's one problem, a government shutdown is looming today.

We've seen this before. Every 1-2 years the NFIP is in jeopardy and the viability of the program is at the mercy of the U.S. Congress to pass legislation. 

It's possible that property closings could be halted if Congress does not pass today's infrastructure bill. With this in mind, we recommend you consider your options for coverage in the Private Flood market. 

We offer Private Flood coverage from multiple carriers. We're ready to work on your submission and provide a quote for your insured's that is not reliant on the federal backing of the NFIP. While our coverage can mirror the NFIP, we go beyond what is offered by the federal program to create more comprehensive policies for your clients. 

Ready for a quote? Submit this completed application to marketing@neee.com and we'll review your risk!


Posted by Christal Fleishman on 9/30/21 3:31 PM
Christal Fleishman
Christal Fleishman is the Director of Marketing for New England Excess Exchange, Ltd. (NEEE). Fleishman is responsible for overseeing the marketing department and driving business through multiple marketing channels. Additionally, Fleishman is a member of the NEEE Leadership Team.
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